How to Comment Out Code in PowerShell Script

This guide gives you an overview of code commenting options in PowerShell. Just like any other programming language, you can comment out code in a PowerShell script for documentation purposes. Single-line comments in PowerShell To comment out a single line, put '#' in the beginning: Multiline Comments in PowerShell To comment out multiple lines, put ... Read more

How to make shortcuts on the Windows 10 desktop

Windows Desktop Shortcut

On your desktop, Windows 10 allows you to create shortcuts to applications, directories, files, and even websites. Although desktop icons are out of style, they are still useful when used as part of a well-organized desktop. We'll walk you through the steps to create desktop shortcuts on Windows 10 in this post. On the Windows ... Read more

How to Stop Microsoft Edge Browser from Restoring the Tabs after a Crash in Windows 10

Edge Browser Restore tab

If your browser fails or your computer system is unintentionally switched off, Microsoft Edge offers the handy function of restoring your previously opened tabs. You will be able to resume where you left off whenever you turn on your computer system and reopen the Microsoft Edge browser. Some users, however, do not want their browser ... Read more

How to Set Google Chrome Browser to Ask For Location Before Downloading a File

Chrome Browser Download Location

Your files are saved in the Download folder by default in the Google Chrome browser. If you want your Google Chrome browser to always ask for your location before downloading and storing a file, follow this simple guide: 1. Click on three dots located on the top right corner, a menu will pop up. 2. ... Read more

How to Remove the Microsoft Store Icon from the Taskbar in Windows 10

Remove Microsoft Store Icon from Task Bar

Many programs are pre-installed in Windows 10. Some of these applications are popular among users, while others are viewed as a nuisance. Unfortunately, the Microsoft Store app falls into the second group. Despite the fact that the Microsoft Store app has a wide range of applications, e-books, games, movies, and TV episodes that Windows 10 ... Read more

How to Change Wi-Fi Network Name and Password on Windows 10

Change Windows WI-FI name

Many times, you'll have trouble remembering your router's default Wi-Fi network name and password, which comes with it when you buy it. It's also possible that the password you established earlier, or the one that's your default password, has been leaked, allowing others to access your internet. Alternatively, you find it quite easy for anyone ... Read more

Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Taskbar in Windows 10

Windows Taskbar Shortcut

There are predefined ways to do this for using certain features in Windows 10. Sometimes these ways are complex and time-consuming. In order to quickly take advantage of these functions, we can always use such keyboard shortcuts that are easy to remember and save a lot of time. Keyboard shortcuts are nothing but a combination ... Read more

How to Create Multiple Hyper-V Virtual Machines Using PowerShell

Hyper-V PowerShell

Creating multiple Hyper-V virtual machines using Hyper-V manager is not a quick method. The quickest and time-saving method is to create them via Windows PowerShell. This tutorial has been written to show you how to create three Hyper-V virtual machines with a PowerShell script. Create Multiple Hyper-V Virtual Machines Using PowerShell Step 1. Open notepad editor ... Read more