Redirect domains without www (e.g. to with apache rewrite rules

Apache www redirect rule

If all your visitors shall access your website with a URL like and not without www, use the following apache rewrite rule for redirecting them. RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^www RewriteRule (.*) http://www.%{HTTP_HOST}$1 [L,R] The apache rewrite rule can be added in a .htaccess file in the website root directory or if you use ... Read more

RoundCube error: was not found.

This tutorial shows you how to solve the RoundCube webmail error message: was not found. on an ISPConfig Debian server that uses Nginx as the web server. Solution RoundCube webmail is accessed on an ISPConfig Nginx web server through the apps vhost. The PHP-FPM of the apps vhost is running under the user and group ... Read more

How to renew the ISPConfig 3 SSL Certificate

This tutorial describes the steps to renew the SSL Certificate of the ISPConfig 3 control panel. There are two alternative ways to achieve that: Create a new OpenSSL Certificate and CSR on the command line with OpenSSL. Renew the SSL Certificate with the ISPConfig updater I'll start with the manual way to renew the ssl ... Read more

Enable image caching in apache for better Google Page Speed results

High page speed and short page load times of your website are essential for good search engine rankings today. In this FAQ, I will show you how to enable caching of graphic and CSS files in apache on Ubuntu and Debian. The first step is to enable the expires module in apache: a2enmod headers expires ... Read more

Which ports are used on a ISPConfig 3 server and shall be open in the firewall?

Here is a list of ports that are used commonly on ISPConfig 3 servers. If you don't have all services installed or if you e.g. don't want to connect to MySQL from external servers, then close the unused or unwanted ports. TCP ports 20 - FTP Data 21 - FTP Command 22 - SSH 25 ... Read more

Solution for: fatal: open database /var/lib/postfix/smtpd_scache.db: File exists

If your mail server stops working (neither incoming nor outgoing email works) and you find the following error message in the mail.log file: fatal: open database /var/lib/postfix/smtpd_scache.db: File exists then the smtpd_scache.db might got corrupted. Postfix will recreate this file if it does not exist. So it can be removed to solve the issue: /etc/init.d/postfix ... Read more