How to Switch Between Users in Linux

Switch between Linux users

Linux is a multi-user operating system. Whether it's using the superuser account to execute administrative tasks or modifying the current user's access to a certain directory, you'll have to move between users at some point. Linux has several options for dealing with such difficulties. The obvious solution is to log out and log in as ... Read more

10 Important Things You Should Do After Installing Ubuntu Desktop

Ubuntu Desktop First Steps

Ubuntu is the most popular among the Debian-based Linux distribution which is composed of free and open-source software. Server, Core for IoT, and Desktop are the three official editions released by Ubuntu. Nowadays most Linux users who are new as well as experienced developers and programmers prefer Ubuntu in day-to-day life. Whenever you install the ... Read more

How to set JAVA_HOME path on Ubuntu

JAVA Home Path

Introduction JAVA_HOME is an operating system environment variable that stores the location of the java installation folder. Every time a java program or application is run, this variable is invoked. You need to set up the JAVA_HOME variable correctly to run your java program otherwise you will encounter this error message “Error: JAVA_HOME is not ... Read more

How to check .deb Package Dependencies in Ubuntu

Ubuntu Package dependencies

Most software or application in Ubuntu, does not come as one package and it depends on other packages to work as intended. These supporting packages are called dependency packages as they are required for the proper working of the software. Usually, the package manager in your system automatically resolves these dependencies, but sometimes an issue ... Read more