How to Comment Out Code in PowerShell Script

This guide gives you an overview of code commenting options in PowerShell. Just like any other programming language, you can comment out code in a PowerShell script for documentation purposes. Single-line comments in PowerShell To comment out a single line, put '#' in the beginning: Multiline Comments in PowerShell To comment out multiple lines, put ... Read more

8 Ways to Open the Command Prompt in Windows 10 and Windows 11

Windows Command Prompt

The Command Prompt is an extremely useful tool for the Windows operating system. Microsoft has kept this command line interpreter application in almost all Windows versions. It is officially known as Windows Command Processor and is also referred to as cmd.exe, cmd prompt and command shell. It is used just like MS-DOS, that is, the commands ... Read more

Windows 10 Secure Sign-In

Windows secure login

Windows is the most guided operating system in the world. That is, you can strengthen your PC's security to keep it safe both online and offline. This article will walk you through the whole process of enabling or disabling Windows 10 secure sign-in. 3 Ways to enable or disable Windows 10 Secure login You can ... Read more

How to disable Thumbnails for Files in Windows 10

Disable Windows File Thumbnails

Even in this day and age of high-speed PCs, many people use detachable or linked drives, which may be cumbersome and inconvenient to navigate, especially when we have to wait for each new thumbnail to load into File Explorer. Fortunately, it is simple to speed up file browsing in file explorer by totally removing thumbnails. ... Read more