PHP-FPM: php_value vs. php_admin_value directives explained

php_value vs. php_admin_value

php_admin_value and php_value are directives used in PHP-FPM (FastCGI Process Manager) configuration, often seen in context with web server setups like Apache or Nginx. They are used to set values for PHP's configuration directives e.g. in a PHP-FPM pool file or in the Apache server configuration. This is an alternative to changing PHP settings in ... Read more

3 Ways to Access Linux ENV Variables from PHP

Accessing environment variables in PHP on a Linux system can be done in several ways, depending on your specific requirements and setup. Here are the most common methods: Using the getenv() Function The getenv() function is a built-in PHP function that retrieves the value of an environment variable. It's simple to use: <?php $envVar = ... Read more

How to Indent Lines in a File using PHP

Indenting lines in a file using PHP code is quite easy. The steps are: Open the file and read its contents line by line. For each line, prepend the desired amount of indentation (like spaces or tabs). Write the indented lines back to the file or to a new file. Here's the PHP script: <?php ... Read more