How to Stop Microsoft Edge Browser from Restoring the Tabs after a Crash in Windows 10

Edge Browser Restore tab

If your browser fails or your computer system is unintentionally switched off, Microsoft Edge offers the handy function of restoring your previously opened tabs. You will be able to resume where you left off whenever you turn on your computer system and reopen the Microsoft Edge browser. Some users, however, do not want their browser ... Read more

How to Import Data into Edge from another Browser

Import Edge Browser

Microsoft has added many features to its Edge browser to enhance its performance like Cortana assistance, reading support, read aloud and many more. Along with all these features, there is an option you might unaware of, that allows you to import your data from another browser instead of manually adding all the data including bookmarks ... Read more

How to Turn on the Reading Mode in Microsoft Edge Browser in Windows 10

Edge Browser Reading Mode

Microsoft Edge presents you with a feature called Reading Mode, which is especially helpful for the people who spend most of their time reading articles over the Internet. This mode offers a better preview of the text by eliminating the irrelevant information on the web page. In this article, we will explain to you the ... Read more