How to Change System Language in Windows 10

Windows 10 language

You can change the default display language of your Windows 10 from English to any other language. This is useful in scenarios where multiple users are accessing the same system and they understand different languages. In this guide, I will walk through to change the default English language to Urdu (you can change it to Spanish, French or ... Read more

How to Create a Function in PowerShell

If you have worked with other programming languages, you have may used functions for code reusability. You can also create functions in PowerShell. PowerShell function example Below is the syntax of a simple function function hello-world { write-host "hello world"  } You can also pass parameters in a function using the param keyword function Get-TimesResult { Param ([int]$a,[int]$b) $c = ... Read more

Four Ways to Create a Directory with PowerShell

This tutorial shows you for different methods to create a directory with the help of PowerShell. First, open the PowerShell console with administrative privileges. Then use one of the following four ways to create directories. Creating a Directory by using PowerShell So how to create directory a now? Here are 5 create directory cmd variants ... Read more

3 Ways to Limit the Number of Responses in Google Forms

Limit Responses in Google Forms

Google Forms are very commonly used for surveys and questionnaires nowadays. Besides conducting such studies, they are also used in some educational institutions for quizzes and exams. This free web-based application offers us so much flexibility in designing and presenting questions that Google Form is the first name that comes to mind when we want ... Read more

How to Transfer a Windows Media Player Playlist to a Different Computer

Transfer Media Player Playlist

Many people these days are quite fond of listening to music and they create several playlists based on their tastes and then listen to different songs in their leisure time. The users can conveniently listen to the songs of any particular playlist but the question arises when they want to transfer this playlist to a ... Read more