Show Photos as Slideshow in Windows 10

Free Windows Photo Slideshow Software

You'd want to share Photo galleries with friends and family in a fun show?. First, download the images from your camera, iPad, or USB drive to your PC. We'll walk you through the entire process of viewing a Windows 10 Slideshow in this post. Photo Slideshow in Windows 10 To view a Windows 10 Slideshow ... Read more

Windows 10 System Image Recovery

Windows system Image Recovery

Windows will create system image backups, which are full images of your hard disks and all of the data on them. Even if your installation is significantly broken or gone, once you have a backup copy of your system, you can recreate it precisely as it was when you backed up. In this post, we'll ... Read more

How to Backup OpenVZ Containers with vzdump on CentOS

OpenVZ is a Linux-based Kernel virtualization technology developed by SWSoft for its commercial product Virtuozzo. The modified Linux Kernel and the system utilities are released under an OpenSource license. Vzdump is a shell-based backup program for OpenVZ virtual machines. It is made for containers that use the traditional "simfs" filesystem, it can not be used ... Read more

How to Stop Microsoft Edge Browser from Restoring the Tabs after a Crash in Windows 10

Edge Browser Restore tab

If your browser fails or your computer system is unintentionally switched off, Microsoft Edge offers the handy function of restoring your previously opened tabs. You will be able to resume where you left off whenever you turn on your computer system and reopen the Microsoft Edge browser. Some users, however, do not want their browser ... Read more

Get the disk health status with SMART monitor tools on Debian and Ubuntu Linux

Disk SMART status

Every current disk includes a built-in monitoring feature known as SMART that keeps track of faults. On Linux, there is a software package called smartmontools that may be used to query the SMART status of the disk to see if it will fail soon. Installation apt-get install smartmontools Usage First we need to know the ... Read more

How to prevent that a user deletes a file owned by root in his home directory

Even though a file is held by root and has 700 rights, if the root user saves it in another user's home directory or any other directory owned by another user, that user can remove the file. Example: [email protected]:/home/otheruser# ls -la total 8 drwxr-xr-x 2 otheruser otheruser 4096 Jul 28 11:52 . drwxr-xr-x 3 root      ... Read more