How to display dialog box containing Lock, Suspend, Restart, and Shutdown icons from command line in Ubuntu

If you are an Ubuntu user, you might have observed the dialog box that gets displayed when you quickly press and leave the power button. The dialog box contains icons to Lock, Suspend, Restart, and Shutdown the system. Have you ever found yourself wondering how this box can be launched from the command line? Well, ... Read more

How to add ‘Open in Terminal’ option to Nautilus’ right-click menu in Ubuntu

Suppose you are exploring some directories through Ubuntu's default Nautilus file browser when suddenly there arises a requirement to work in a particular directory on the command line. What would you do in this case? Well, normally, you would open the terminal application, and then manually change the present working directory to the directory you ... Read more

How to delete saved passwords for network drives on Linux desktops

The majority of graphical environments let you choose to remember the passwords you enter somewhere to ease access to something but they usually don't tell you how to delete them again. Most Linux desktop distributions have a tool installed where all your saved passwords for network drives are stored in that is called Passwords and ... Read more