How to Temporarily Lock the PC if Someone Tries to Access it with a Wrong Password in Windows 10

Windows Lock PC

Many times it happens that you find someone trying to break into your account. It is indeed a very alarming situation because once an intruder gets into your PC; he can do absolutely anything with your private and personal data. This act breaches your privacy. To prevent this from happening, people usually set passwords for ... Read more

How to Open the System Information Panel on Windows 10

Windows system information panel

Microsoft has always tried to cater their users need by making useful apps and tools that facilitate the user experience. One such example of their hard work is the free and pre-installed tool called System Information Panel that is present in the Windows operating system. Microsoft created this tool so that users can easily view ... Read more

10 Ways to Open the Windows Task Manager in Windows 10

Windows 10 Task bar

The task manager is a helpful application created by Microsoft for the assistance of its operating system’s users. It gives information regarding the processes, applications and services running on your computer and monitors them along with details of input/output devices and logged users, etc. Microsoft knows the importance of the task manager which is why ... Read more