How to remove Chrome Extension installed by Enterprise Policy on Windows 10

Chrome Enterprise Policy Removal

Google Chrome Extension that is installed by Enterprise Policy does not allow a user to uninstall or remove those extensions since they have the rights to do that. Mostly anyone involved in an organization has an administrator of the system who manages these settings and extensions. But if you are part of an administrative designation, ... Read more

How to Create and Edit a Windows 10 Registry File

Windows Registry Editor

Windows registry file is, in fact, a database that contains all the information corresponding to all the hardware devices and the software programs installed on Windows operating system. It is a simple text file with .reg extension. You can perform multiple operations on Windows 10 registry file depending upon your needs. For example, you can ... Read more

Change default installation path in Windows 7

By default Windows installs all programs into the C:\Program Files and C:\Program Files (x86) directories. If the hard drive you have the operating system installed on is running out of space though, or you just want to have the OS on a separate SSD, you might want to consider changing these default installation paths. Be ... Read more

Remove Driver Filters to Resolve Device Manager Errors on Windows 7

Sometimes the situation might come up where a device that was working flawlessly before will stop doing so, even if you try everything - replugging it, reinstalling its drivers, rebooting the computer - but nothing will help. A possible cause for this is a driver filter that was either installed by any third party software ... Read more