How to Manage and View Passwords in Microsoft Edge Browser Using Windows 10

Manage Edge Browser Passwords

Just like all other browsers, Microsoft Edge also facilitates you to save the passwords of your certain accounts so that whenever you visit those accounts next time, you can easily access them without the need of memorizing your login credentials. Once you manage to save these passwords in Microsoft Edge browser, you can conveniently view ... Read more

View wireless network passwords on Windows

You can only do this to view passwords of connections that you are or have been connected with, you cannot use it to retrieve passwords of connections you have never been logged in with! That makes it a tool to remember what password you set here or there. To view a password, left-click the connections ... Read more

Password protect drives on Windows with BitLocker

BitLocker is a handy tool that comes with the Enterprise and Ultimate Editions of Windows Vista and 7 and is also available in the Windows 8 Consumer Preview (to say in what editions of Windows 8 it will be present is not yet possible since the number and form of editions have not been revealed ... Read more

How to create a picture password on Windows 8

Apart from the traditional text string password, Windows 8 offers a new form of securing your user account which is by including touch and/or gestures into the procedure. Spoken directly, you are now able to select a picture where you perform three mouse or touch gestures on (circles, line or dots) that will unlock your ... Read more