How to Adjust Lighting Effects in Paint 3D in Windows 10

Paint 3D Lighting Effects

Paint 3D is indeed a very helpful and interesting application provided by Windows 10. It lets you create very exciting pictures, posters, banners, shapes etc. using its tremendous features. In this article, we will explain to you the method through which you can adjust the lighting effects in Paint 3D using Windows 10. Adjusting the ... Read more

How to Crop the Background out of an Image in Paint 3D in Windows 10

Paint3d remove image background

There are many different tools available in Windows 10 with the help of which you can easily crop your images. However, when it comes to cropping the background of an image while retaining the actual image, then this sounds a bit tricky. Fortunately, Windows 10 presents you with an application with which you can easily ... Read more