How to disable Hardware Acceleration in Windows 10

Hardware Acceleration usually refers to using hardware from a device to accomplish a specific activity quicker and easier. In almost all instances, Hardware Acceleration is used to make graphics rendering smooth and quicker on a device by unloading graphics rendering responsibilities. The concept behind Hardware Acceleration is to accelerate and boost graphical output and rendering ... Read more

Speed-up Windows 10

If you have recently updated to Windows 10 and you are having a delay, then one of the following factors is highly likely: corrupt system data, previous programs brought over non-compatible, background malicious software, unintended startup loading programs. But there are some methods to configure and fasten Windows 10. In this article, we will guide ... Read more

3 Ways to start Windows 10 in safe mode

Microsoft is the world’s largest software company for mobile operating systems with a market share greater than any other desktop operating system in the world. Microsoft’s latest version of Windows OS is Windows 10 and it’s certainly making its way into a highly competitive marketplace. For previous versions of Windows except Windows 8, accessing the ... Read more