Is using TCPServer program on Linux deprecated?

Using the tcpserver program on Linux is not deprecated. Tcpserver is a utility included in the ucspi-tcp package that listens for connections from TCP clients and, for each connection, executes a specified program. This tool is particularly useful for setting up simple TCP services, where each incoming connection triggers the execution of a program, script, or command.

From a practical standpoint, tcpserver offers a straightforward way to create a TCP listener daemon. For example, it can be used in conjunction with monitoring tools like Nagios/Icinga for passive checks. This utility waits for TCP client connections and runs a specified program for each connection, allowing for dynamic responses based on the incoming requests.

The configuration and usage of tcpserver are quite flexible. It supports various options like setting the maximum number of simultaneous connections, specifying connection rules, managing group and user IDs, and modifying the behavior for IP options and data transmission. These options allow you to tailor the behavior of tcpserver according to your specific requirements. Additionally, it handles environment variables setup, which can be useful for passing information to the programs it executes.

In Debian, tcpserver is available through the ucspi-tcp package and can be easily installed using package management tools like apt. Its command-line syntax and options are well-documented, making it accessible for users familiar with command-line interfaces and server administration.

In conclusion, tcpserver remains a valid and useful tool for specific TCP server functionalities on Linux systems. It's not deprecated and continues to be a part of the ucspi-tcp package in various Linux distributions. Its simplicity and effectiveness for certain tasks, like setting up basic TCP listeners and handling incoming connections with custom scripts or programs, make it a valuable tool in the toolkit of system administrators and network engineers.

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