Linux Terminal Shortcuts

Linux Terminal Shortcuts

You can not enjoy the full range of control and benefits, Linux operating system has to offer without the Command-Line interface or terminal. But the terminal is manual and can be difficult to use, especially if you have transitioned from another operating system. In this article, you will learn terminal shortcuts that are convenient and ... Read more

How to View and Change File Permissions on Ubuntu Desktop and Server

Linux File Permissions Explained

Ubuntu is a multi-user operating system by design. Multiple users would have access to the same system in an enterprise system. However, individuals who share file access run the risk of disclosing sensitive information or losing data if other users get access to their files or directories. This is a significant security issue. To solve ... Read more

10 Funny Commands in Linux

Linux Funny Commands

On Linux, the Terminal is used quite often to maintain the system. But besides doing serious work, there are also some funny commands, which I will show you below. Here, we are using Ubuntu 20.04, but you can basically use any other Linux operating system. Yes command When you type yes on terminal with a ... Read more

How to Install and Uninstall .deb Files on Ubuntu 22.04

Ubuntu .deb Installation

All Debian-based distributions. like Debian, Ubuntu and Linux-Mint utilize the Deb installation package format. Thousands of deb packages are available in the Ubuntu repository, that can be installed via Ubuntu Software Center or the apt and apt-get programs from the command line. Unfortunately, not all applications are available through Ubuntu or third-party repositories. Those applications ... Read more

How to Switch Between Users in Linux

Switch between Linux users

Linux is a multi-user operating system. Whether it's using the superuser account to execute administrative tasks or modifying the current user's access to a certain directory, you'll have to move between users at some point. Linux has several options for dealing with such difficulties. The obvious solution is to log out and log in as ... Read more