How to Put the Recycle Bin on the Start Menu in Windows 10

Have you notices that Recycle Bin has been removed from the start menu of Windows 10 OS. However, if you want to keep your desktop clean, you can do it by moving your Recycle Bin to start menu.

It is also handy if you are working on different applications and do not want to switch to desktop to open Recycle Bin. You can simply access it through the start menu.

Windows 10 allows pinning the desktop icons to start menu. Amazingly only Windows 10 has come with this feature to pin to start menu. Windows 8.1 has not even the start menu while the Windows 7 does not support pin to start menu option.

Pin Recycle Bin to start menu

To pin Recycle Bin to start menu, right-click the Recycle Bin desktop icon and then click on Pin to start.

Pin to start

It will add the Recycle Bin as a tile in the start menu.

Add the Recycle Bin as a tile in the start menu

Now you can access it, resize, drag, and position the tile as you wish. To unpin it from the start menu, right-click the start menu icon of Recycle Bin and click unpin from start.

That was a simple trick you can use to put the Recycle Bin to start menu on windows 10. But here is one limitation that you cannot empty Recycle Bin after you put the Recycle Bin in the start menu.

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