How to Install Windows 7 Using Windows Deployment Services

In my previous tutorial, I have discussed how to install Windows 7 using a DVD.  This tutorial focuses on installing Windows 7  using Windows Deployment Server.


Ensure the following requirements for this tutorial are met:

  1. Your machine should be network bootable

Installing Windows 7 Using Windows Deployment Services

Step 1: Boot your system and when you are asked press F12 key to boot from network

Choose network boot option


Step 2: Choose language and keyboard or input method and click Next

Choose language and keyboard

Step 3: Enter the user name and password of WDS server in the format domain\user and click OK

Enter the user name and password of WDS server

Step 4: Choose the desired operating system from list and click Next

Choose operating system to be installed

Step 5: Format and partition the hard disk by clicking New. Provide size in MB and click Apply

Format the installation partition

Step 6: Choose the desired partition where you want to install your windows

Choose partition

Step 7: Choose country or region, time and currency and keyboard layout. When you click Next windows will take a moment to copy files from WDS server

Select country and region

Step 8: Provide password and password hint to be used in case you forgot it

Provide a new username and password

Step 9: Provide the license key of windows which can be found on cover page of your copy of windows

Enter the Windows License Key

Step 10: Read the license terms and accept them by checking the text box and click Next

Accept the license terms

Step 11: Click Use recommended settings

Choose the recommended settings

Step 12: Adjust your time zone, date and time according to your geographical location. Click Next

Adjust the time zone

Step 13: Click Home network and you are done with setting Windows 7 on your machine

Choose network type


We have successfully deployed Windows 7 using Windows Deployment Server. Although, this method could take more time as compared to the traditional method of using a DVD since files are copied from WDS server over the network.

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