You can secure your WDS deployments by pre-staging client computers using their GUID or MAC addresses. This way, only known client computers will be able to install the Windows operating system on their machines.

This tutorial applies to Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows Server 2016.

Pre-Stage the setup of Windows Client Computers

Step 1. Open WDS console.

Step 2. Right-click your WDS server and then click on properties.

Step 3. Open PXE response tab.

Step 4. Choose "Respond only to known client computers".

Step 5. Go to WDS console. Right-click pre-staged devices and then click add device.

Step 6. Provide a name, device ID (GUID or MAC addresses) and click Next.

Step 7. Choose "Always continue the PXE boot".

Step 8. Uncheck domain joined option.

Step 9. Click Finish.

How to Pre-Stage Client Computers using WDS console

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