How to Configure DHCP Failover in Windows Server 2016

DHCP failover is used to load balance client requests among two DHCP servers and provides fault tolerance. If one of the DHCP servers is down, then the other keeps serving IP addresses to clients. DHCP failover can be configured in the following two ways:

  • Load balance mode (Both DHCP servers are active and the load is shared among the two).
  • Hot standby mode (One of the DHCP servers is active and the other is passive. When active goes down, passive takes over and becomes active).


Your systems must meet the following two minimum requirements:

Configure DHCP Failover in Windows Server 2016

Step 1. Open DHCP management console. Right-click IPv4 and click "Configure Failover..."

Configure IPv4 DHCP Failover

Step 2. Choose the scope you want to configure for failover and click Next.

Choose the scopr

Step 3. Add an IP address of the partner server and click Next.

Add IP of the partner server

Step 4. Choose the mode (I am choosing Load balance for this tutorial). Keep other options at their defaults.

Choose load balancing mode

Step 5. Click Finish.

Confirm configuration changes

Step 6. Click Close.

Close Failover Configuration DialogA DHCP failover with the partner server on Windows 2016 has been configured successfully.

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