How to handle new ‘Power Throttling’ for Windows 10 to save battery life

Windows 10 Power Throttling

Windows 10 also conducts ‘Power Throttling’ of software, including conventional Windows desktop programs and background functions. Windows 10’s update will improve battery life on laptops and tablets by reducing the CPU available to background applications. If that creates an issue, you can tell Windows to not conduct power throttling for certain and specific processes. There ... Read more

How to Check the Battery Usage in Windows 10

Windows 10 Battery Report

In today’s world of information technology, almost all of us are habitual of using computer systems or computer controlled devices very frequently. We are tuned to perform all our routine activities using these devices. However, at times, we nearly forget to have a look at the battery consumption of our devices, which is, in fact, ... Read more

Show battery capacity for notebooks on Windows

Notebook batteries lose part of their capacity over time depending on their treatment. To see at how much maximum capacity your battery it, there is a command line tool that you can use from an elevated command line. To open such, search your main menu for cmd, right-click it and choose Run as administrator. In ... Read more