How to Install Slack on Ubuntu

Slack is an up-and-coming application for communicating in the workplace. It comes with all of the standard functionality, but its extra features are amazing.

Slack offers call and video conversations in addition to text communication. Slack has a channel function that allows you to organize your conversations into sub-categories and allows you to search for them. It also supports extra add-ons to expand its functionality. This aids in the organization of information and communication.

The Slack client is not open-source software, but its client is free. The Slack desktop client supports many platforms. In this article, you will learn multiple methods to install Slack on your Ubuntu system


  • Ubuntu or any other Linux-based system
  • Terminal access
  • A user account with root/ sudo privileges.
  • Internet access

Note: Although the commands used in this tutorial are specifically for the Ubuntu system, All the methods are also valid for any other Debian Linux-based system.

Install and Uninstall Slack Using the apt Package

Update Your System

It is always recommended to update your system repository before installing any new application so that the packages are up to date and their most recent versions.

Use the following apt command to update the system repositories.

sudo apt-get update

Download Slack Using the wget Command

You can download the slack from their Slack official page. Since we are using a terminal, you can download Slack using the following wget command.

apt install wget

Set Permissions

Once you are done with the download, run the following command to give execute permission to the Slack download package.

chmod +x slack-desktop-4.15.0-amd64.deb

Install Slack

Finally, install the Slack application by running the following apt command.

sudo apt-get install ./slack-desktop-4.15.0-amd64.deb

Upgrade Slack

If you have installed the older version or want to get the newer version of Slack, you do not have to install that version separately. You can run the following command from your Slack application to get the latest version available.

apt-get upgrade slack-desktop

Open Slack

You can open Slack by simply typing slack in the terminal.


Uninstall Slack

If you wish to uninstall the Slack application from your system, run the following command in your terminal.

sudo apt-get remove slack-desktop

Install and Uninstall Slack Using the Snap Package

You can also install Slack through its snap package. Snap packages are great as they are self-contained and updated on their own. If you do not already have Snap installed on your system, install it using the following command.

sudo apt install snapd

To install Slack through its snap package, run the following snap command.

To uninstall or remove Slack installed through its snap, you have to run the following command.

Install and Uninstall Slack Using the Graphical User Interface

You can also install Slack through the Ubuntu Software Center. Go to the Ubuntu Software Center and open the Slack application page. Click on Install.

Authenticate to proceed with the installation.

Once you have it installed, you can access it from the application on your system.

To install Slack through the GUI, go to the Ubuntu Software Center installed applications, open Slack, and click on Remove.

You will get the following prompt. Again, click on Remove to proceed with the removal.


Slack is a channel-based chat software that is more efficient and helps teams connect faster when compared to other messaging platforms on the market. Slack supports integration with other apps and has a strong security feature set.

This article discusses all the ways you can install Slack on your Ubuntu operating system. Now, you can collaborate more effectively using Slack, connect all of your software tools and services, and get the information you need to perform your best, all while being safe and secure in an enterprise-grade environment.

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