How to check .deb Package Dependencies in Ubuntu

Ubuntu Package dependencies

Most software or application in Ubuntu, does not come as one package and it depends on other packages to work as intended. These supporting packages are called dependency packages as they are required for the proper working of the software. Usually, the package manager in your system automatically resolves these dependencies, but sometimes an issue ... Read more

How to Install Gradle Build Tool on Debian

Gradle installation on Debian Linux

Gradle is a build automation tool that is built on the ideas of Apache Ant and Apache Maven. Gradle replaces the XML form used by Apache Maven for defining the project settings with a Groovy-based domain-specific language (DSL). Gradle is using a Groovy-based DSL, which is more convenient for developers. This DSL also provides for ... Read more

How to create a user and add it to the sudoers group in Rocky Linux

Add Linux User on Rocky Linux

In Linux administration, best practice recommends running commands as a regular user with sudo privileges. This user is simply known as a sudo user, and the user bears root privileges to perform elevated tasks in the system such as installing, updating, upgrading, and removing packages to mention a few. To execute privileged commands as a ... Read more