How to create a user and add it to the sudoers group in Rocky Linux

Add Linux User on Rocky Linux

In Linux administration, best practice recommends running commands as a regular user with sudo privileges. This user is simply known as a sudo user, and the user bears root privileges to perform elevated tasks in the system such as installing, updating, upgrading, and removing packages to mention a few. To execute privileged commands as a ... Read more

Windows 10 Secure Sign-In

Windows secure login

Windows is the most guided operating system in the world. That is, you can strengthen your PC's security to keep it safe both online and offline. This article will walk you through the whole process of enabling or disabling Windows 10 secure sign-in. 3 Ways to enable or disable Windows 10 Secure login You can ... Read more

How to Remove Directories in Linux

Remove Directory on Linux

Spring cleaning is not only necessary for homes, Your Linux Mint 20 file system also needs to be decluttered regularly. An organized file system will save you or the system administrator a lot of headaches in the long run. In this article, you will learn how to remove your directories to organize your file system. ... Read more

How to disable Thumbnails for Files in Windows 10

Disable Windows File Thumbnails

Even in this day and age of high-speed PCs, many people use detachable or linked drives, which may be cumbersome and inconvenient to navigate, especially when we have to wait for each new thumbnail to load into File Explorer. Fortunately, it is simple to speed up file browsing in file explorer by totally removing thumbnails. ... Read more