Difference Between Hyper-V Checkpoint and System Restore Point in Windows

We all are aware of the existence of Hyper-V checkpoint and system restore point (a feature available inside every window's operating system). Apparently, they do the same thing but there is a small difference which I will explain in this article. Hyper-V Checkpoint vs. System Restore Point In a Hyper-V checkpoint, the state of the computer's entire ... Read more

Remove services from auto-startup on Windows

Every service you install is usually run on system startup. Sometimes these services do so without asking you before and sometimes they might even be malicious or just too heavy in resources. To select specific services that shall not be started by boot, open msconfig by calling a Run prompt through the main menu and ... Read more

Fix “System error 1290 has occurred.” error on Windows

This error usually comes up when you try to start a new service that would get the same service ID as another service in the process: System error 1290 has occurred. The service start failed since one or more services in the same process have an incompatible service SID type setting. A service with restricted ... Read more