I have mentioned various ways to transfer the data between two computers in this post. Transferring the data using an Ethernet cable is one of the fastest and cheapest methods. All you need is an Ethernet crossover cable (or a network switch plus two normal network cables) and NICs (Network card interfaces) on your machines which areĀ built in today in every PC.

Here is the step by step guide to transfer data from Windows 8/8.1/10 to Windows 8/8.1/10. In This example, I'll transfer data from a Windows 10 PC to a Windows 8.1 PC. The steps are the same for any combination of the mentioned Windows versions.

Transferring the Data from Windows 10 to Windows 8.1

Step 1: Go to Windows 10 network settings and assign an IP address ( in my case). You can assign any private IP address like or or the one that I've chosen.

Assign an IP address

Step 2: Right-click your C-drive (The drive you want to share, it can be any drive) -> Properties -> Sharing -> Advanced Sharing -> Check the box "Share this Folder" -> Permissions -> Choose Everyone -> give full control -> Click Apply and then OK

Share the C drive

Step 3: Go to Windows 8.1 network settings (the other PC) and assign an IP address (I'll use here), an IP address from a class B private network. You can assign any IP address from Class B private pool.

Assign IP address on second PC

Step 4: Ping the Windows 10 machine by typing ping on Windows 8.1 command prompt to test the connection. Make sure the machine is ping able.

Ping the other PC to test the connection

Step 5: Type \\ in your file explorer on the second PC and press Enter to get a list of the shared drives of the first PC.

Connect to the other PC in file explorer

Step 6: Provide the username and password of Windows 10 machine.

Enter username and password

Step 7: You will see the shared C drive of Windows 10. You can copy, delete or write new data in it now.

The C drive is accessible from other PC


How to Transfer Data From Windows 8/10 to Windows 8/10 Using an Ethernet Cable

8 thoughts on “How to Transfer Data From Windows 8/10 to Windows 8/10 Using an Ethernet Cable

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    Thanks, I was looking for straightforward instructions. Worked perfectly.

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    Oh, I just realized you don’t need a crossover cable any more with modern NICs. Faster with a standard cable. Your instructions still help with everything else.

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      Whats an NIC ,And whats a standard cable ?

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        NIC = Network Interface Card.

        A standard cable is a normal computer network cable, not a crossover cable.

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    I followed all the instructions as given and transfer files from windows 10 pc to 8. but when i try to copy files from windows 8 to 10 it displays this error message “windows cannot access \\”. Ping is ok in both sides and can copy files from 10 to 8 pc with the ip addresses i provide. pls help….


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