The Sysprep or System Preparation Tool is used to create a new security identifier (SID) and clean up user-specific and computer-specific settings and data so that an image can be used to deploy windows operating systems on other machines. The tool is located in \Windows\System32\sysprep folder.

Following are the steps which are required:

Step 1: Click Windows icon on your start menu. Search run and click it when found.

Start run tool

Step 2: Type sysprep and click OK.

Start the sysprep command

Step 3: Double click sysprep.exe.

Start sysprep.exe


Step 4: Choose Enter System Out-Of-Box Experience (OOBE), check the Generalize box, choose Shutdown from the Shutdown Options and click OK.

Set the sysprep options

Sysprep will take a moment so be patient. The system will turn off automatically upon completion.

How to Sysprep Windows 8.1 for deployment

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