How to Deconfigure DHCP Failover in Windows Server 2016

If you want to remove an existing DHCP failover in Windows Server 2016, you can do it either by using server manager (Most suitable in scenarios where you are using Windows server desktop) or PowerShell (Most suitable in scenarios where you are using Windows server core).

This article shows both procedures.

Deconfigure DHCP Failover Using Server Manager

Step 1. Open DHCP console. From server manager dashboard, click Tools -> DHCP.

server manager dashboard

Step 2. In DHCP console, expand IPv4 node. Right-click the scope you want to de configure it for failover and then click Deconfigure Failover.

Step 3. Ignore the warning and click OK.

ignore warning

Step 4. Click OK.

Remove DHCP

Step 5. Click Close when you are done. You won't be able to see a scope on partner server.

Deconfigure failover

Deconfigure DHCP Failover Using PowerShell

Step 1. Open PowerShell with elevated privileges.

Step 2. Execute the following command.

Remove-DhcpServerv4Failover -ComputerName -Name SFO-SIN-Failover -Force

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