In previous article, we added a new domain in an existing forest using server manager. In this guide, I'll focus on adding a new domain using PowerShell.


  1. Static IP is configured
  2. Administrator account has strong password
  3. Firewall is turned off
  4. DNS server settings in TCP/IPv4 are correct and they are pointing to a domain controller

Add a New Domain in an Existing Forest in Windows Server 2016

Step 1. Open PowerShell with elevated privileges.

Step 2. Execute the following command.

Install-windowsfeature AD-domain-services

Install-AddsDomain  -domaintype treedomain -parentdomainname yourdomain -newdomainname -credential (Get-Credential) 

You will be prompted to provide a user name and password of an account which is member of enterprise admins group. You will also need to provide directory services restore mode (DSRM) password.

The server will be automatically rebooted after successful configuration.

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