How to Create File Screens in Windows Server 2012 R2

File screening management is a feature which allows you to create file screens to block specific file types from being saved in a folder. In this tutorial, I will show you how to configure the File Server Resource Manager, sharing a folder using File and Storage Services and how to create a file screen to block image files from being saved in that folder.


Before configuration, make sure:

  1. The administrator account has a strong password.
  2. A static IP is configured.
  3. The latest Windows updates are installed.
  4. The firewall is turned off.

Configuring File Server Resource Manager in Windows Server 2012 R2

Step 1: Open server manager dashboard, click Manage -> Add Role and Features.

server manager dashboard

Step 2: Click Next.

Before you begin

Step 3: Choose Role-based or feature-based installation and click Next.

Role-based or feature-based installation

Step 4: Select the destination server and click Next.

Select the destination server

Step 5: Expand File and Storage Services -> File and iSCSI Services -> File Server Resource Manager. Click Next.

File Server Resource Manager

Step 6: Click Add Features.

Click Add Features

Step 7: Accept the selected option and click Next.

Install .NET Framework

Step 8: Click Install.

Start the installation

Sharing a Folder on Windows using File and Storage Services

Step 1: Open server manager dashboard, click File and Storage Services.

File and Storage Services

Step 2: Click Shares.

Open Shares settings

Step 3: Click Tasks -> New Share.

Create a new share

Step 4: Choose SMB Share - Quick. Click Next.

Choose SMB Share

Step 5: Click Browse.

Browse share location

Step 6: Click New Folder and name it.

Add a new folder

Step 7: Choose the folder created in step 6 and click Select Folder.

Select the folder that we created above

Step 8: Click Next.

Choose Next

Step 9: CEnter or accept the share name and click Next.

Enter a share name and click next

Step 10: Check Enable access-based enumeration and click Next.

Enable access-based enumeration

Step 11: Accept the permission settings and click Next.

Specify access contols

Step 12: Click Create. to confirm the settings and to create the share.

Create the share

Creating File Screen in Windows Server 2012 R2

Step 1: Select File Screens and click Create File Screen...

Create File Screen

Step 2: Browse and select the path of shared folder

Select the shared folder

Step 3: Select the folder and click OK.

Click ok to accept the selected folder

Step 4: Choose the option: "Derive properties from this file screen template (recommended)": Click on Create and you are done with screening the folder.

Add a file screen


We have created a file screen and applied it to a shared folder. When a user copies image files including JPEG, PNG, the files won't be saved and the user will be alerted.

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