How to Monitor Your Child’s PC Activity and Set up Family Safety Features in Windows 10

Windows Parental Control

In today’s time, the internet is the core need of every person to compete in knowledge gain but at the same time, it has become the reason why children are getting spoiled. Xbox, internet, animations, PC games and social media to some extent sharpens the mind of children but its excessive use leads to wastage ... Read more

Enter Safe Mode in Windows 8 Consumer Preview

In previous versions of Windows, it was always possible to troubleshoot problems by booting into Safe Mode by hammering on the F8 button on start-up - with Windows 8 CP, this process has become slightly more complicated. On first glance you may think that safe mode is only to be entered after setting the appropriate ... Read more

Access Denied on Windows 7 – AccessGain Tool

On Windows 7 it may happen that you are denied access to files that you regularly own and have permission to write to, even if you are logged in as administrator, perform the action as administrator or from an elevated command prompt or try to access it in safe mode. If this happens to you ... Read more