How to use the Google Calendar in Windows 10 Calendar App

Free Up Windows Hard-Disk Space

Running out of storage space is a dilemma that all of us face these days. With the increased use of the computer systems, the amount of generated data has also increased up to such an extent that our physical storage devices such as a hard-disk fail to provide sufficient capacity to store this data. At ... Read more

How to Disable the “Low Disk Space” Warning on Windows 10

Windows low Diskspace Warning

Microsoft is extremely diligent when it comes to user experience in their products. But sometimes they tend to overdo. Whenever your computer’s hard drive is almost full or running out of free space, a ‘Low Disk Space’ warning appears in the form of a little balloon notification. Different versions of Windows have specific durations for ... Read more

Customize Your Windows 7 Installation Disk with 7Customizer

7Customizer is a tool that, with the help of the Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK), provides a nice graphical user interface for customizing your Windows 7 installation disk. To start, insert your disk into the disk drive and copy all of its contents to a folder on your hard drive (this should not contain any ... Read more

Slipstream Service Packs Into Windows XP Installation Disk

To slipstream (=integrate) MS Windows Service Packs into an existing Windows XP Installation Disk you need an installation Disk, a working copy of Windows, the downloaded Service Pack, a burning software capable of burning bootable images (for example ImgBurn, which is also free), a DVD burner and an empty disk. First copy all files of ... Read more

Visualize your HDD space usage on Windows with Disk Space Fan

Of course you can view your disk space usage with the tools and statistics that Windows itself gives you, but if you want a closer and more detailed look at it, then try out Disk Space Fan. Disk Space Fan is a free-ware utility that shows not only how much space you have used on ... Read more