Change Default Application to Open Files (Linux Mint)

The default application is the one you open a file with on doubleclick. In some cases installed programs automatically turn themselves into the default application for files you were happy with, which you might want to change. To do that, rightclick a file of the chosen format and choose Open With... -> Other Application or Open With Other Application:

On the window that opens, choose an application or command and check the Remember this application for "..." files checkbox to apply your selection for all files of the same format:

Hit Open afterwards.

4 thoughts on “Change Default Application to Open Files (Linux Mint)”

  1. I don’t get offered a list just the existing default application and the chance to browse. The problem with browsing is that I don’t know where the application I want is located or what name / symbol the application has. I can list them: e.g. by searching for “Deluge” and get a long list back with some applications – none of which appear to be the required “Deluge” application (although they are called application) and none of which results in Deluge opening.

    • This works in Mint 19.1:
      – right-click the file to be opened and select ‘Properties’ ; not ‘Open With Other Application’
      – in ‘Properties’ select the tab ‘Open With’
      – then select your preferred application
      – click lower-right corner on ‘Set as default’
      Cheers, Mark

  2. I’ve got a problem with Opera trying to use VLC to “show in folder” when I click on a downloaded file. Any ideas?

  3. I see in the list many options double or even triple displayed. Tried Wine for a short time, uninstalled it and now find many Wine apps that I cannot use nor remove.

    How to get that Remove button activated?


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