Deactivate localisation in Windows 8

When you set Windows 8 up you were given the choice whether you wanted to allow applications to read your locality or not. If you made up your mind towards the choice you have taken you can still change that setting whenever you want to. To get to it

1. open Charms by hovering your mouse to the top right corner
2. open the Settings charm
3. click on Change PC settings on the bottom of the panel
4. click on Privacy
5. change the first switch's position to your likings:


Change weather app temperature unit from Fahrenheit to Celsius in Windows 8

The weather app in Windows 8 comes with degree Fahrenheit as its default unit for temperature and its a bit tricky to find out how to change that. To do so, open the weather app and fade in the Charms menu (point your cursor to the top or bottom right corner and slide towards the appearing icons). There, choose Settings. Unlike if you open the settings on the main Metro menu this will open the weather settings where you click on Settings again:

There you have the option to change the temperature unit from Fahrenheit to Celsius or back if you wish to: