It is a good practice to provide a meaningful and user-friendly name to your machine once you finished installing a new and fresh copy of Windows 10 Professional. Here is how you can do it.

Change the Windows 10 Computer Name

Step 1: Press and hold the Windows icon key and X on your keyboard and click on System

Open the Windows 10 system settings

Step 2: Click on  Change settings

Click on the change settings link

Step 3: On the Computer Name tabClick Change

Computer name tab

Step 4: Provide the computer name and click OK

Enter the name of the computer and click OK

step 5: Restart the system so that the changes can take effect. Click OK

Restart Windows 10

Step 6: Click Close o close the computer name dialog.

Close the dialog

Step 7: Click on Restart Now. The machine will be restarted and the changes will be applied

Click on Restart Now


How to Change Computer Name in Windows 10 Professional

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