In one of earlier articles, we removed active directory domain services using PowerShell. In this guide, I'll focus on removing active directory domain services using server manager.

Remove Active Directory Domain Services Using Server Manager

Step 1. Open server manager dashboard. Click: Manage -> Remove roles and features.

Step 2. Verify the tasks and then click Next.

Remove Roles and Features Wizard

Step 3. Choose the destination server from which you want to remove AD domain services role.

Select Destination server

Step 4. Uncheck Active Directory Domain Services role. As soon as you uncheck, a new window pop up click Remove Features.

Remove server

Step 5. Click Demote this domain controller.

Step 6. Check Force the removal of this domain controller and click Next.


Step 7. Check Proceed with removal and click Next.


Step 8. Provide new local administrator password and click Next.

Enter the admin password

Step 9. Click Demote and wait for the wizard to complete.

Review Options

Upon completion, a server will be rebooted and you need to log in with a local administrator account.

How to Remove Active Directory Domain Services Using Server Manager

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