How to Migrate AD Users in a Forest Using ADMT v3.2

When you have multiple domains in a forest, migrating Active Directory objects between two domains is a day to day task of system engineers. Reasons can be that companies are sold or merged or employees are transferred.

Type of AD Migration

There are two types of AD migrations:

  1. Inter forest migration - In inter forest migration, AD objects are migrated between domains in two different forests.
  2. Intra forest migration - In intra forest migration, AD objects are migrated between domains within the same forest.

In this tutorial, we will look into intra-forest migration by migrating AD users from a child domain to a parent domain using Active Directory Migration Tool v3.2. You can migrate users by using ADMT snap-in and command line. I will show you both ways.

I assume you have already installed ADMT on the target domain controller.

Migrating AD Users Using ADMT Snap-in

Step 1. In ADMT console, right-click Active Directory Migration Tool and the click User Account Migration Wizard.

ADMT wizard

Step 2. Click Next.

User Migration Wizard

Step 3. Chose source and target domain, domain and domain controllers. Click Next.

Domain selection

Step 4. Choose Select users from domain and click Next.

Select users from domain

Step 5. Search desired users you want to migrate and click OK.

Migrate users

Step 6. Click Next.

Add source accounts

Step 7. Click Browse and select a target container. Click OK.

Select target container

Step 8. Click Next.

Organizational user selection

Step 9. Choose all four options and click Next.

User options

Step 10. Choose Do not migrate source object if a conflict is detected in the target domain and click Next.

Conflict management

Step 11. Click Finish.

Completing user account migration wizard

Step 14. Click Close when done.

Migration process

Migrating AD Users Using Command Line

Step 1. Open command prompt with elevated privileges on target domain controller.

Step 2. Execute the following command with appropriate parameter values.

ADMT USER /N "<user_name1>" "<user_name2>" /IF:YES /SD:" <source_domain>" /TD:" <target_domain>" /TO:" <target_OU>" /TRP:YES /UUR:YES

TRP - Translate roaming profile.
UUR - Update user rights.
After successful migration (by using DMT snap-in or command line), you will see the users in target OU in Active Directory Users and Computer ADUC console.

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