How to Change Server Name, Date, Time and Time Zone in Windows Server 2016

If you have recently installed a new Windows Server 2016, it is a good practice to assign it a user friendly server name and change its date, time and time zone to match your location.

Changing the Server Name

Step 1: Press Windows icon key + X on your keyboard and click on System.

Step 2: Click on Change settings.

Change server settings

Step 3: Provide a computer name and click OK.

Set the computer name

Step 4: To confirm the computer name change, click OK.

Confirm computer name change.Step 5: Click on close to finish the name change.

Close the dialogStep 6: Click Restart Now to apply the changes.Restart the server

Changing Date, Time, and Time Zone in Server 2016

Step 1: Click on the time (as shown in figure) located in bottom right corner of task bar.

Click on the time in the task bar

Step 2: Click on Date and time settings.

Date and time settingsStep 3: Click on Change to change date and time.

Change date and timeStep 4: Adjust the time and click Change.

Adjust the time

Step 5: Choose the time zone from drop down menu.

Choose time zone