How to Configure Windows Server Update Services on Windows Server 2012 R2

WSUS or Windows Server Update Service is a server role which acts as the central repository for Microsoft updates for client computers on your network. Although, the configuration of WSUS server is very simple but it involves many steps.


You should meet following requirements in order to configure the WSUS server.

  1. The Administrator account has a strong password.
  2. Static IP is configured.
  3. Latest Windows updates are installed.
  4. Firewall is turned off.
  5. Server on which you are installing the WSUS role on is a member your domain.
  6. Client computers which you would like to update from WSUS server should be in a separate OU in the DC.

Installing the WSUS Server  Role

Step 1: Open the server manager dashboard and click on Add roles and features.

Open - Add roles and features

Step 2: Read the pre-requirements and make sure you meet all of them. Click Next.

Read the pre-requirements

Step 3: Choose Role-based or feature-based installation and click Next.

Role-based or feature-based installation

Step 4: Choose the destination server for WSUS role installation and click Next.

Choose the destination server

Step 5: Click Next.

Click next

Step 6: Click Add Features.

Choose to add features

Step 7: Click Next.

Go to the next step

Step 8: Click Next.

Select features

Step 9: Click Next.

Proceed to the next step

Step 10: Leave default selections and click Next.

Leave default options on

Step 11: Click Next.

Choose next

Step 12: Click Next.

Choose next

Step 13: Click Install.

Choose install

Step 14: Click Launch Post Installation tasks. This could take 10 minutes. When you are done proceed to next step 15.

Launch Post Installation tasks

Configuring WSUS Server

Step 15: From server manager dashboard, click Tools. Scroll down the menu and click Windows Server Update Services.

Windows Server Update Services

Step 16: Click Next.

Click next

Step 17: Click Next.

Click next

Step 18: Click Next.


Step 19: Click Start Connecting.

Start connection

Step 20: Click Next.

Connect to upstream server

Step 21: Choose English language and click Next.

Choose language

Step 22: Click Next.

Choose products

Step 23: Click Next.

Choose classifications

Step 24: Choose Synchronize manually and click Next.

Choose sync schedule

Step 25: Click Next.

Finish the setup

Step 26: Click Finish.

Next steps

Creating Group Policies on the DC Server

Step 27: Go to your DC serverFrom Server manager dashboard, click Group Policy Management.

Group Policy Management

Step 28: In the group policy management window, right-click Group Policy Objects. Click New

Group Policy Objects

Step 29: Provide the name to this GPO and click OK.

Provide name of the GPO

Step 30: Right-click the GPO created in step 29 and scroll down its menu. Click Edit.

Edit GPO status

Step 31: Expand Computer Configuration -> Policies -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components and click and click Windows Updates. Right-click Configure automatic updates and click Edit.

Configure automatic updates

Step 32: Choose Enabled and option 3 from "configure automatic updating" and click OK.

configure automatic updating

Step 33: Expand Computer Configuration -> Policies -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components and click and click Windows Updates. Right-click Specify intranet Microsoft update service location and click Edit.

Specify intranet Microsoft update service location

Step 34: Choose Enabled and provide the FQDN of WSUS server in the form http://<>:8530. Click OK.

rovide the FQDN of WSUS server

Step 35: Right-click the OU and scroll down the menu. Click Link and Existing GPO.

Link and Existing GPO

Step 36: Choose the GPO created in above steps and click OK.

Choose the GPO

Testing and Approving Updates on WSUS Server

Step 37: Click All Updates. Select the updates and click Approve so that client computers can see these updates.

Approve WSUS updates

Step 38: Click Approved for Install. Click OK and you are done. Now when client computer perform their updates they will pull all the approved updates.

Approved for Install

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