How to Clean Up Active Directory Domain in Server 2012 R2

When a domain controller server is crashed and it still exists in an active directory setup, then it can make trouble later when you are promoting new machines to the domain controller.

This guide is written to help you clean up your active directory setup.

1. At the command prompt, type in the following commands:


ntdsutil: metadata cleanup

metadata cleanup: connections

server connections: connect to server <your domain controller name which you want to clean up>

server connections: quit

metadata cleanup: select operation target

select operation target: list domains

select operation target: select domain <number corresponding to the domain in which the failed domain controller was located>

select operation target: list sites

select operation target: select site <number corresponding to the site where failed domain controller is located>

select operation target: list servers in site

select operation target: select server <number which refers to domain controller to be removed>

select operation target: quit

metadata cleanup: remove selected server

When you receive an error message, click Yes. You are done with removing your failed domain controllers.

Type quit until you exit from the command prompt.

2. Open active directory sites and services, remove the object associated with failed domain controller.

3. Open active directory users and computers and go to the domain controller folder, delete the object associated with failed domain controller.

4. Open DNS console and delete the object associated with the failed domain controller including CNAME HOSTNAME and other DNS records.


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