The way to add new icons and cursors is simple yet not really obvious in Linux Mint. To add new cursors, download any from a webside that provides these (as this), and drag and drop the package file onto the theme preferences of your Control Center:

To add new icons, just download and extract them into /usr/share/icons as root. Afterwards they are available in the Appearance section of the Control Center.

How to Install New Icons and Cursors (Linux Mint)
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    The icons of Linux mint are located in the directory /usr/share/icons/Mint-X

    That’s the path you can use, e.g., to change the icon of the desktop launchers, like this:

    + Right click on the desktop launcher icon.
    + Click on “Properties”.
    + Click on the icon.
    + Paste on the Place box the text /usr/share/icons/Mint-X/ and press Enter.
    + Navigate the folders to find the icon you like.
    + Press Enter.
    + Click on Close.

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