Reboot Linux system on freeze

Sooner or later, now matter how stable your system may be, you will experience the situation where your system completely freezes and you can't do anything, not even call a terminal or log out of the session. In those cases, the Linux kernel has a feature that might interest you.

While holding Alt + SysRq, type R E I S U B (without spaces) and the computer will reboot. For a detailed explanation about what the entered characters do, have a look on the Wikipedia page here:

Shutdown Windows 8

Windows 8 does no longer provide you with an obvious button to shut your machine down, put it to sleep or restart it. You now have the optoins to either shut down with the Ctrl + Alt + Del screen or to find your way through some hot-corner menus to do so. If you choose to try the latter, move your mouse to the top right corner of the screen to activate the appropriate menu, then move the mouse down to the Settings option:

Then click the Power button to open the shut down menu and choose the action of your choice: