How to Join Windows 10 Professional in a Domain Server

In this tutorial, I am going to explain how a Windows 10 Professional desktop can join a Windows Active Directory in 5 easy steps.


These are the prerequisites of this tutorial:

  1. Firewall is turned off.
  2. Computer has a user-friendly name.
  3. Date, time and timezone are correct.
  4. Check your TCP/IP configuration and make sure IP addresses are correctly assigned.

Step 1: Go to Settings > System > About and then click Join a domain.

Join a windows domain


Step 2: Provide the domain name and click Next.

Enter domain name


Step 3: Provide the user credentials with a permission to join domain and click OK.

Enter username and password


Step 4: Click Next.

Click next

Step 5: Click Restart now to reboot the PC and changes can take effect. Enter your username and password provided by domain administrator to login after a successful reboot. Good luck!!

Restart the PC


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