How to search for files in Windows 10 from a certain date range

Assume you are looking for a file, and you realize it was last modified over a certain period of time. For Windows 10, you can restrict your requests to date ranges, but this is not immediately apparent. In Windows 10, searching for a specific date range is more difficult than it should be. Back in the early days of Windows XP, File Explorer implemented a front and back calendar selector. Even in Windows Vista and Windows 7, it was not hard to get to that selector. In this article, we will guide you through the whole procedure to search for files in Windows 10 from a certain date range.

Search for files in Windows 10 by date range

To search for files in Windows 10 from a certain date range, follow this procedure step by step.

Open the File Explorer. Type modified: Date .. Date in the search bar as the following image is showing.

After typing this syntax, press the Enter Key and results of the entered date range will appear as above image is showing.

You can also select the date range by mouse. As search result of the above syntax will appear, click the search tab as the following image is showing.

As soon as you will click the Search tab, a sub menu will appear as follows.

Now click Date modified option and choose any range as per your choice as highlighted in the above image. The search result of the selected range will appear.

To select a more precise date range, after the colon click anywhere on the text in that box and a calendar will open as the following image is showing.

Click on a date in the calendar and drag the mouse to choose the range as the following image is showing. This method is useful when the date range is of one month.

Click on one date. Hold the Shift key and click on another date of any month. Search result of selected range will be displayed. This method is useful to select date ranges of different months.


By following this method you will be able to search for files in Windows 10 from a certain date range.

9 thoughts on “How to search for files in Windows 10 from a certain date range”

  1. For less than a week, the calendar doesn’t pop up anymore. I have tried restarting and checked for windows updates; there were updates last week so I assume that’s when it disappeared.

  2. The step where you click inside the search box and the “calendar” is supposed to show up, I don’t get that. I used to use it all the time, I used it at least once a week. For the last 6 to 8 months it has not been working, I have had to figure out how to type that in. 1. Why would they get rid of that? 2. If they didn’t get rid of it, why is it not working for me?


  3. It is nuts how the calendar feature adn ability to find files by date ranges has been complicated in Windows 10. Unable to find a good resolution to using this important (now lost) feature.

  4. Yes. I have this problem too.
    Microsoft has removed more useful functions from Windows 10. Not only those mentioned above.
    I work with many files and folders every day. In Windows 7, I used the Last Items and it worked very well. Windows 10 doesn’t have this feature. Yes – there is something similar (especially the name is similar…) but it works very badly. In the first Windows 10 system, I was able to turn on Recent Items. But a while back, Microsoft made it impossible to enable this feature (why?!) Now we have a very poor search engine. Both files and recent items.
    Microsoft also broke sorting folders by the modification date of the files it contained. If we modify a file in a sub-sub-folder, it will not affect the modification date of the root folder(!). Ridiculous!
    Yes – Windows 10 has gone backwards. Why … They are monopolist.

  5. I have been trying for a year to get the calendar to pop up. I can’t type in that field. I can randomly get some keystrokes to come up but nothing related to a calendar date. HOW do we report this to get it fixed. This is crazy. Even Contra can’t search.

  6. Windows 10 is broken, because it develops from a professional tool into a consumer platform. Comsumers do not search for anything, because they have nothing important.


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