How to get back “My Computer” Icon on Windows 10 Desktop

We know why you are here! Your good old "workplace" icon is nowhere to be found and you are in panic mode. You need that icon back in its place right now. Don't worry, because you can get it back on your desktop in no time. While Windows 10 has introduced many useful features for its users, it has also made some changes that you might not get used to easily. Having the My Computer icon on your desktop really helps with file navigation and overall drive view. So, there is no denying that icons like "My Computer" make life easy and convenient.

One thing to note is that Windows 10 has replaced the "My Computer" icon with "This PC" and you will have to manually rename it to "My Computer" once you add it back. So if you get nostalgic about your familiar Windows experience, follow this guide to get your old desktop environment back.

Steps to restore the My Computer icon on your Desktop

Getting back your favorite and most used icon is pretty easy. You just have to tweak some Personalization settings. Just follow the simple steps below:

Step 1: You can open the Personalization settings in two ways. You can either right-click on your Desktop and open click on the Personalization option from the pop-up menu or you can launch Settings from the Start or Search menu and head over to Personalization.

Step 2: From the side-panel on the left, click on Themes.

Step 3: Under the Related Settings tab, click on Desktop icon settings.

Step 4: From the list of options provided to you in the Desktop icon settings window, click on Computer or any other icons you might want to add to your Desktop. *Note that you can also change the icon for your selection from this window.

Step 5: Click on Apply to save your modifications and then click on OK.

Step 6: Now head back to your Desktop. You’ll be happy to find the This PC icon there. If you can’t see it, simply right-click on the empty space on your Desktop and click on View and then click on Show Desktop icons.

Step 7:  Right-click on the This PC icon and from the pop-up menu click on Rename.

Step 8: Type in “My Computer” and hit Enter.

That’s it! You’re done with adding back the My Computer icon on your Desktop.

Wrapping it up

If you followed the steps above, you'll laugh at how easy it was to get the My Computer icon back on your desktop. Windows 10 has always put its users at the center of every change they've made. While some users prefer a minimal desktop, they can still access Windows 10's settings and features. Now you can navigate through files and what not by simply using the My Computer icon like you always have.

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