19 thoughts on “Turn Off Screen-Keyboard on Windows 7”

  1. It was a bit annoying to keep seeing the on-screen key board appearing repeatedly during start-up and there were few other sites that did not give me appropriate direction. However, the trick posted by CSch really worked. Thanks…

  2. This one way another better is to press CTRL+ALT+DELETE and in left corner you will see easy of access then uncheck screen keyboard, apply changes and that’s all folks !! I think this is better and easy way.

  3. The box wasn’t checkmarked. I also suspect that because it comes on everytime it’s booted, it won’t allow the wireless keyboard to work. I have already gone into configsys and removed it from the boot up menu but still can’t get the keyboard to work. I’ve tested it on a sceond profile on the computer so it’s not the keyboard.

  4. Sir,
    I have tried as per instructions to disable the onscreen keyboard, but could not succeed. The problem still persists. Please advise some other solution to solve the problem.


    • Even if the box is UNTICKED, everytime, the desktop kep board pops us at start up and when we use online malayalam key boards, which is annoying

  5. Didn’t work for me. The “Use on-screen keyboard” boxed is already unchecked. Nonetheless the onscreen keyboard appears again and again in various places. Very annoying! I might need it if my keyboard broke down, but other than that I don’t want it popping up all the time. Any other suggestions?

  6. This solution solved it for me: (i have windows 8.1)

    Press Win + R, type ‘services.msc’, press Enter
    Find ‘Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service’, and double tap/click it
    Click Stop
    Select ‘disabled’ at ‘Startup type’
    Click Ok, then reboot

    Just don’t let your PC go to sleep, and you’ll never see your Touch Keyboard again. But when you reboot the Touch keyboard stays disactivated. Sweet!


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