How to fix error 0X80070052

Error 0x80070052 is one that appears upon copying stuff onto removable drives - at some point, no new files and folders can be created on the drive as well as be copied onto it. That problem is due to restrictions of the format the drive is using - different formats have a different number of files and folders that can be placed in the root directory of a drive (meaning the drive itself, not any sub-folders) no matter how large they are.

So to get rid of the error put all of the files on the root directory into sub-folders. If you need space to create those, delete some data temporarily. The drive should be back to normal afterwards!

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  2. using usb flash pen driver trying to create a new folder error 0x80070052 appears (my system is the windows vista 32 bits). How to solve it ?.
    May you help me, please ?


    HorĂ¡cio Mariano


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