How to delete saved passwords for network drives in Windows

If you saved a password for a network drive in windows and want to remove it, press the keys [Windows] + [R] to open the windows command line. Then enter

control keymgr.dll

and click on "OK" to open the windows credential manager which allows you to manage and delete passwords saved in Windows.


This procedure works for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

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  1. When signing in for my email, I typed in address and password. I pressed yes when a yellow bar across the bottom wanted to remember the password. I had typed the incorrect user name, and I now have three usernames and passwords. Only one is correct. How do I remove the other two?

    Thank you,

    Jean Aksdal

    • Where did you log into your mail account/what program did you use? For browsers such as Firefox, you can go to the Security Preferences to see and delete saved passwords.

    • Sir,
      I have a shared drive on my computer running on W7. I was sharing this drive w/ a few computers running both w/ W7 and XP. I changed my password for the user name I was sharing with. I can change the password on the computers running w/ W7 but can not change it on the computer running with XP. Please help me to change the password for the computers running with XP.

      Engr. Nurul Islam

  2. Very nice sir 🙂
    Sir the one problem i have faced… i have not saved any password but when i type ip for next computer … it easily logged in, never asked to me username password. i check control keymgr.dll no password saved. pls help me about that

  3. Deleting a SINGLE username and password
    When you are in the login/password form field where IE8 autosuggests the memorized password,
    Click on the unwanted username then just press DELETE key on your keyboard and IE8 will propose to delete the password and only this one !!!
    This will work in Windows 7 too….

  4. i prepared one shared network drive for couple of computers using xp machine.
    and made two folders, one public with no password, and the other is protected by password. i browsed both folders normally. every thing was fine until i restarted my computer. the private folder is not accessible from xp, but accessible from win7 computer. i tried your method but no password is saved.

    xp is not giving me any option to enter the password again

    please help

  5. I have Windows Vista. I inadvertently saved my login and password for my banking information. I’ve tried many suggestions on how to delete it. So far, nothing works.

  6. there is nothing in the credential manager but our security person said its locking out on that particular machine. and i checked and access our network drive and it went straight through without asking for login password


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