[Fixed] Google Chrome shows wrong colors after update

After a recent Google Chrome Browser update, all websites showed the wrong colors. In my case, all the colors got a red touch. You can see the issue in the screenshot below:

Chrome Browser shows wrong colour

This happens due to changes that Google made in the color rendering of the Chrome Browser and it can be fixed easily:

Step 1: Open the Chrome Browser settings

Enter the URL:


in the address bar of your Chrome Browser.

Step 2: Change the Color profile

Scroll down the page until the point "Force Color Profile".

Google Chrome Force Color Profile

In my case, I had to change the value from "Default" to "sRGB". The correct value may vary, so just test out which one looks best on your monitor.

Choose sRGB Color Profile

Restart the Chrome Browser to apply the change. The Browser will ask for the restart automatically.

Now the website shows up in the correct colors again.

Website rendered with correct color profile

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