How to Defragment Hard Disk Drive in Windows 10

Windows Disk Defragmentation

Over the time, you write and save different files on your computer system. Initially, your hard disk is programmed to save data on it sequentially by default. However, as you remove files from the hard disk by deleting them, the sequential arrangement of files get disturbed and certain gaps are created between different file locations. ... Read more

Using the ReadyBoost Feature on Windows Vista/7

ReadyBoost is a Windows feature that uses USB sticks or other flash drives such as SD cards to "speed up your computer". However the concrete use is not to add the device's memory to your RAM but to use fast accessible devices as cache storage. Because of this fact, there are certain conditions that have ... Read more

Add Defragment Command to Drives’ Context Menu

Since it takes a relatively long time to browse the Windows Control Panel to find the items you are in need of, here is a workaround for one of the items you probably use or should use most, the defragmentation of drives. This guide describes how you use the Windows Registry to add the defragment-command ... Read more