How to eject a CD on a MAC mini with PC keyboard and mouse

There are several options to eject a CD or DVD when the mac mini fails to boot, but most of them dont work if you do not have a mac keayboard at hand. The following options work with a PC keayboard and mouse:

Press the left mouse key while you restart the mac or as alternative press [F12] while the mac is restarted. You have to keep the key pressed until the CD is ejected.

12 thoughts on “How to eject a CD on a MAC mini with PC keyboard and mouse”

  1. won’t work if you are using a wireless keyboard and mouse. if you happen to have a usb mouse, plug it in and hold the left mouse button when rebooting.

  2. hi…
    this is really a very useful information….but as i have tested….it does not work with wireless keyboard….please suggest a remedy…

  3. Okay so I have a dilemma here. I started booting with the windows XP disk. I click enter on my keyboard when it gets to “to setup windows XP now, press ENTER” I hit enter nothing happens. So I either need a way to finish the install or back out. The Mac mini has no cd eject button

  4. Left mouse didn’t work but F12 worked beautifully. I use a 2.4 GHz wireless keyboard, no problem at boot time. I’ve had major issues at boot with Bluetooth keyboard drivers not loading in time to get to the BIOS or even to log into Windows (“press ctrl-alt-del to continue”). 2.4 GHz works every time like a wired keyboard.


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